ECO Consult collaborates with development partners, public, private, and nonprofit sectors, nonprofits and research institutions to address development challenges with groundbreaking and sustainable solutions



Donor Agencies

We work with international development and donor agencies to design and implement projects and programs that achieve sustainable impacts across our practice areas.

International Financing Institutions (IFIs)

ECO Consult has been a reliable partner for International Financing Institutions (IFIs) providing key services for development projects in accordance with Good International Industry Practice (GIIP).

Private Sector 

We have been a trusted partner for national, regional and international private sector companies and investors/developers working in a multitude of sectors on various development projects and programs.  Our partnership aims to build effective teams, deliver the best results for our clients, partners, and beneficiaries, maximize the resources we apply to our projects, and promote sustainable change and community development.

Governments (Public Sector Institutions)

We utilize our private sector strategy execution with our deep understanding of the policy drivers and operating challenges facing the sectors to build governments’ capacity and governance, maximize their resources and create more efficient governments.

Universities, Research Institutions, and Innovators

We often collaborate with prestigious universities and research institutions to exchange knowledge and build internal capacity, as well as stay at the forefront of innovative approaches and technical expertise