We deliver value and excellence to our clients through an approach that is grounded in technical evidence, adaptive management systems, and continuous learning


ECO Consult offers a platform for internal collaboration and knowledge sharing that results in more dynamic and responsive programming and technical design. Our experts are empowered and motivated to deliver beyond our clients’ expectations.

The long-term partnerships we have formed with our clients are built on a collaborative approach. This ensures impactful and transformative gains for stakeholders and a reputation for going above and beyond. 

We take responsibility for the work we do and operate to the highest standards of integrity.


Our Mission

Innovation: The knowledge and Innovation Center - WeAgri - will foster joint collaboration, channel knowledge to farmers and companies, and provide farming technologies education in Jordan and the Middle East Region

Positive Impact: We have nearly 30 years of experience creating strategies, building partnerships, and implementing programs that transform societies, economies, and lives

Community Engagement: Our mission is to advance prosperity, build sustainable environments, and develop communities.

Forward Together: We help communities become more resilient by addressing infrastructural, social, and economic challenges.

Prosperity and Growth: We focus on mobilizing sector growth while increasing productivity, improving resource efficiency, adopting technologies, and preparing markets for scaleup and continuity

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment: ECO Consult is committed to supporting the rights of women to achieve equitable access, opportunity, and benefits for all

Inclusion and Diversity: We have built a strong portfolio of diverse experiences and developed a detailed knowledge of sectors, which enables us to design well-rounded and innovative approaches to recognize the development impact


Our Values

In everything we do, we live by four core values:

Ethics: We comply with laws, national regulations, and ordinances both in Jordan and in other countries we work in.

Integrity: We value integrity not only amongst ourselves, but everyone we work with. We emphasize the importance of and live by honesty, decency, and high standards.

Responsibility: We are accountable to our clients, our colleagues, and the communities where we work.

Excellence: In providing our services, we focus on only the best outcomes for our clients. We strive for customized, sustainable, and innovative solutions. We do not compromise on quality and efficiency, and we do not get involved in projects that we believe are not up to our standards of excellence.