Advancing prosperity, improving livelihoods, and job creation in agriculture, services, energy, tourism, and industry


At ECO Consult, our work in economic growth focuses on expanding efficient market structures, promoting entrepreneurship ecosystems, and supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

We work with industry clusters and enterprises to:

  • Tackle inefficiencies.
  • Reduce financial and operational risks.
  • Expand access to finance.
  • Improve competitiveness and governance systems.
  •  Support the adoption of management and technology innovations.


We support green growth sectors in several ways:

  • By conducting business analysis, innovation adoption, and facilitating financing and investments. 
  • Our work covers renewable energy and energy efficiency, recycling markets, and efficient farming systems.  
  • We build and integrate sustainability measures in businesses to requirements from financiers, investors, markets, and consumers.

In tourism, we promote adventure and agritourism, demonstrate how tourists contribute to community development and sustainability, and establish management organizations for development.

Business Environment Reform

With our partners, we work with governments, regional development agencies, and local government to develop a business environment that can attract investment, encourage entrepreneurship, and promote accountability and transparency. We do this by:

  • Streamlining business procedures.
  • Encouraging operational transparency.
  • Increasing competitiveness.
  • Developing efficient tax and customs processes.

Past partners include the USAID Aqaba Technical Assistance Program (ATASP), USAID/Jordan SABEQ Program, USAID/Jordan Public Financial Management Program. These programs focused on creating an enabling business environment for growth.

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

ECO Consult works on the frontlines with micro and small enterprises to drive strategies, open markets, and increase efficiencies.

In agriculture, we work with farmers to become more resilient, improve packing and packaging to meet new consumers requirements, and open markets. 

We also support community entrepreneurship initiatives in new green opportunities that link business with hydroponic farming and renewable energy generation.

Workforce development

ECO Consult helps to develop platforms and partnerships for workforce development programs in different cluster areas. With our expertise in sustainability sectors and agriculture, we deliver technical training programs that lead to a qualified and prepared workforce. We also work with our partners on providing important life skills training programs for youth and community groups.

Tourism Development

The contributions of the tourism sector to the national economies of Middle East are significant and growing. ECO Consult works in tourism development through:

  • Supporting product development at the national and community levels
  • Setting and supporting management organizations
  • Integrating local communities and businesses into tourism value chains
  • Advancing community entrepreneurship in adventure and agritourism and build capacities to operate within standards and protocols.
Trade Facilitation and Regulatory Reform

ECO Consult works with government organizations and business associations to build structures and capacities for trade flow and facilitation. This includes structuring single windows for businesses, improving operations of borders crossings and logistics, and facilitating regulatory reform. 
We supported the development of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone in Jordan, and worked with the Palestinian Industrial Estate and Free Zone Authority, and Jordan’s Special Economic Zones Commission to enhance trade and improve the business enabling environment, leading to increased investment and job creation.

Our Projects


The USAID-funded Energy Sector Capacity Building Activity (ESCB) promoted energy efficiency and responded to emergent opportunities in the energy sector by providing a broad...