Promoting sustainable economic growth, protecting natural and social resources, cultivating green growth opportunities, and building resilience for climate change


ECO Consult is a regional leader in delivering sustainability, environmental, and social management programs and services. We work across the Middle East and Africa on:

  • Establishment of environmental and social management and compliance systems.
  • Implementing collaborative planning programs around resource allocation and management.
  • Developing national and local opportunities in green economy sectors.

Recent technology innovations in renewable energy, efficient farming systems, and recycling industry present significant opportunities for adoption and implementation in the region.  However, the region continues to face major sustainability challenges including urbanization, loss of biodiversity, poor natural water management and delivery inefficiencies, and weak programming in green economy. ECO Consult works with communities and their ecosystems to improve resiliency and expand capacity for environmental management and protection at the national and local levels.

Environmental, Social Assessment and Due Diligence

ECO Consult works with private sector developers, development financing institutions, and public entities, in the Middle East and Africa on integrating Environmental & Social (E&S) assessments at the early phase of any development including policies, master plans, or projects. This is critical to achieving sustainable economic growth and ensure E&S resources are protected.   

We have delivered over one thousand studies and assessments according to Good International Industry Practice (GIIP) including:

  • Strategic and Projects Environmental & Social Assessment (SESA) and (ESIA).
  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD).
  • Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) /Framework (LRF) & Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).
  • Hydrology and Flood Risk Assessment.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP).
  • Land Acquisition Plan (LAP) /Framework (LAF).
  • Air Quality and Noise Monitoring.

Our work includes an ESIA for a Wind farm in Ethiopia, SESA for a Tourism Master Plan in Jordan, ESDD for education sector developments, RAP for Highways, and many other projects.

Environmental, Health, Safety and Social (EHSS) Frameworks & Management Systems

ECO Consult equips and supports public sector entities in adopting and implementing systems that comply with international standards and GIIP. Moving towards the integration of EHSS frameworks and management systems is considered a necessity for public and private sector entities, as a robust system eliminates liabilities and increases operational efficiencies, just to name a few:

  • We provide a range of services that include management systems for SME’s, to capacity building/training for large corporations: EHSS permitting procedures and processes.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • EHSS capacity building and institutional development.
  • EHSS Management Systems and associated policies and plans.
  • Local Community Employment and Procurement Plans. 
  • Environmental and Social Management Frameworks.


We are currently involved in developing the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for the Ministry of Education in Palestine. In addition, we were also involved in developing regulatory systems for governmental institutions. For example, we designed the Environmental Permit System for the Aqaba Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) in Jordan.

Ecology Conservation and Protection

ECO Consult supports clients to meet sustainable economic growth targets with a focus on ecology protection and conservation to support existing natural habitats and prevent the deterioration of natural systems. This includes:

  • Biodiversity Surveys, Assessments and Management Plans.
  • Critical Habitat Assessments (CHA).
  • Avifauna Surveys and Assessments.
  • Observer Led Avi-Fauna Shutdown on Demand and Active Turbines Management Plans (ATMP) for Wind Farms.

Our work with the IFC on the Cumulative Effect Assessment for Wind Farms in the Tafileh Region in Jordan was a notable success story for us in this area. We identified ecological requirements for wind farms and led the implementation, which primarily involves the Observer Led Avi-Fauna Turbine Shutdown on Demand during operation. This model is currently being replicated in other countries in the region and beyond.

Climate Change Resilience

ECO Consult works on climate change resilience with international organizations and financial development institutions by implementing innovative solutions. The Middle East and Africa are among the most vulnerable regions encountering climate change impacts, which are affecting social and economic infrastructures (such as already scarce water resources), transforming land use patterns, threatening unique ecological habitats, and more. Part of our recent work is a one-year program undertaken in partnership with Deloitte to develop a Gender Responsive Technology Road Map for the Implementation of Climate Action Plans by the State of Palestine. We also collaborate with private sector developers to examine the risks of climate change on their projects. In addition, we recently completed several climate change risk assessments for mega Solar PV Project in UAE and Egypt.

Collaborative Planning Programs on Water Management

ECO Consult is a regional leader in developing collaborative approaches for water management, a very complex topic, particularly in our water-scarce region. We design policy and analytical tools to inform stakeholders and decision-makers and support them with scenario analysis.  We also develop regulatory frameworks for governance structures and create and support platforms to debate water issues and bring forth agreements. 

Our work with USAID on the FORWARD project included policy support for Lebanon water utilities, water quality assessment in the Jordan Valley, supporting water users associations in Morocco, and advancing decentralized wastewater treatment and sanitation in Jordan and the West Bank. With the USAID ISSP Program, ECO Consult performed regulatory analysis and planning, developed utility reform manuals, and supported regional platforms for water utilities and centers of excellence.

Resources Efficiency and Demand Management

We develop regulatory tools and incentives for demand-side management alternatives as they become more financially viable and attractive to consumers and users. Efficient use of resources and demand-side management have gained significance, reducing pressures on natural resources, and lowering emissions and the environment footprint. At ECO Consult, we implement knowledge and behavior change programs, and expand market systems for technology adoption and utilization in support of demand-side management.

Our Projects

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