Local Governance

The current circumstances in the region in light of the Arab spring movements are living proof of the need to enhance democracy and governance and engage local communities in the decision making process.  This is achieved in part by supporting central governments in laying the foundation and enabling environment for such practices, and also by supporting local communities in developing the necessary requisites to engage successfully in local development initiatives that foster political and economic reform.

Working with the public sector and civil society, we have developed a clear understanding of the requirements of local governance.    Our experience in this area entails the following:

  • Performing baseline assessments and gap analyses of needs and capacities required for effective local governance:  We have supported central government in defining the regulatory and institutional setup both on the central as well as local levels in terms of what is actually on the ground and what is needed to affect local governance.
  • Identifying and deploying processes and systems that support decentralized management practices:  We have designed and set in place processes and systems that serve local government in their work, always in alignment with the policies and practices set on the central level.
  • Building local capacity in planning and service delivery:  We have supported local governments in developing their capacities in identifying their strategic objectives and developing plans for their achievement.  This, in addition to developing local capacities in service delivery programs.
  • Identifying and investigating local economic development opportunities:  We have worked with local communities on identifying the needs and enablers of local economic development, and fostering partnerships with the private sector to achieve sustainable growth and productivity.

Working for the World Bank, we have carried out financial, institutional, legal and regulatory assessments and designed and supported the implementation of local development programs as part of the Bank's Regional and Local Development Program.   Under the Millennium Challenge Corporation funded ‘Jordan Local Governance Development Program’, we have conducted several projects related to the review and assessment of the municipal financial accounting system, delivered a Quality Service Improvement Program to a number of municipalities, and completed comprehensive market and feasibility studies for potential municipal Public Private Partnership projects and assessed required incentives and pre-requisites for private sector involvement in these projects.