Technical Assistance to the Executive Privatization Commission Supporting the Public Private Partnership Programme, Jordan


ECO Consult was subcontracted by Sofreco to provide technical assistance to the Executive Privatization Commission (EPC) and the EU funded Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme in Jordan. The technical assistance focused on reinforcing EPC staff and relevant stakeholders’ capacity in PPPs. ECO Consult was responsible for finalizing a training plan on PPPs and a Program Estimate to approve EU funds for training implementation. The training plan included number of training modules that covered subjects like introduction to PPPs, selection of PPP candidates, management of PPPs project cycle, overseeing specialists working on PPP feasibility studies and transactions, and development of participants’ skills to conduct their own analysis in the financial and legal fields, improve their knowledge of specific sectors, and effectively negotiate with private partners. ECO Consult was also responsible for preparation of all tender dossiers and Terms of Reference for the training plan according to EU legal requirements and procedures.