Market Assessment and Development of Irbid Development Area (IDA), Jordan

Bearing Point

Bearing Point was contracted by Mafraq Development Corporation (MDC) to provide advisory services to support the development of Irbid Development Area (IDA). ECO Consult was subcontracted by Bearing Point to assess the potential for the Professional Services sectors to generate demand for investment within the IDA. Sectors that were assessed included consulting, architecture and engineering, accounting and auditing, media and advertising, and legal firms. In specific, ECO conducted market research to identify market forces that may drive Jordanian professional services’ firms to locate or open auxiliary offices in IDA, and defined activities that they may engage in at IDA.

ECO conducted also primary interviews with stakeholders in each of the represented sectors and completed secondary research on investment drivers in Jordan, benchmarking Jordan in the region with regards to its competitiveness, investment and business climate, and estimating costs for land, facilities and other amenities required to meet expected demand.