Management and Supervision/Oversight Services for As Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Project, Jordan

Fichtner Water & Transportation GmbH
2012 - 2015

As Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant receives more than 70% of the wastewater that is generated in Jordan. The As Samra Plant is managed under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with funding from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Jordanian Banks’ Lenders.  The plant has been operational since 2007 and requires expansion to meet the growing wastewater demands in Amman Zarqa Basin.  The expansion works will increase the plant’s capacity to 367,000 m3 per days which will be treated and discharged to meet irrigation demands in the Jordan Valley. The construction cost of As Samra expansion is about 200JD million. The US Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) will grant funding of 50% of construction costs. The Consortium of Fichtner and ECO Consult was appointed by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)-Jordan as the Authority Engineer (AE) for three years for As Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion BOT Project. As the Authority Engineer, the Consortium will be supporting the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and MCA-Jordan throughout the project Engineering, Procurement, and Construction phases and will be responsible for independently supervising the EPC contract works, assessing their conformity or non-conformity, and ensuring adherence to the Millennium Challenge Corporation base and additional requirements for the project. In specific, ECO Consult will  be responsible  for:

  1. Providing construction engineers on the site to supervise and inspect the works;
  2. Reviewing all the submittals related to Health, Safety, Environment (HSE), Social, and Gender Integration policies and manuals.
  3. Inspecting the implementation of HSE Plans and Social and Gender Integration management plans.