Integrated Solid Waste Management of El Ekaider Landfill, Jordan

WS Atkins International Limited
2011 - 2012

With the help and facilitation of the Mediterranean Hot Spot Investment Programme – Project Preparation and Implementation Facility (MeHSIP-PPIF), the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Joint Service Council of Irbid have engaged in discussions with the European Investment Bank (EIB) on ways to minimize the potential environmental risks emanating from Al Ekeidar Landfill Site in the North of Jordan. Under this framework, EIB has engaged a team of experts led by WS Atkins International to conduct a full-fledged Feasibility Study for rehabilitation and expansion of the Landfill site, and ECO Consult is subcontracted by WS Atkins International to provide technical assistance and resources to the feasibility study in areas of solid waste management, legal and regulatory review, institutional assessment, and financial and cost benefit analysis.

ECO Consult is participating in the assessment of the different alternative scenarios for project implementation including the option for implementation through a Public Private Partnership approach and is completing estimations of investment and Operation and Maintenance costs, as well as estimations of revenues/costs from products that may arise from the proposed waste management facilities (e.g. energy from utilization of landfill gas, CDM carbon credits, recyclables, compost). ECO Consult is also carrying out an assessment of the environmental and social impacts of the proposed new facilities through assessing the potential impacts that may rise from the construction and operation of the proposed facilities.