Institutional Support and Strengthening Program, Jordan

International Resources Group (IRG)
2010 - 2015

The Institutional Support and Strengthening Program is three years United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded program that is providing technical assistance to the Government of Jordan to restructure the water sector and build capacity to enhance the sector’s performance, improve financial management, optimize water use, and reduce over exploitation of resources. Working with IRG, ECO Consult has taken a lead role in the design of the transformation plan for the water sector in Jordan, developed the water valuation approach and implemented the study, and taken a co-lead role in the update of the water strategy for Jordan.

ECO Consult has been supporting the program in the design of activities, facilitating meetings with senior government officials and sector leaders, and gaining consensus on major milestones for sector transformation. During the implementation phase, ECO Consult will work on the organization development of water institutions, work with farmers associations, conduct social and economic surveys around water use, support the establishment of Jordan’s National Water Council, identify opportunities for Public Private Partnerships in the water sector, and provide technical support to the establishment of the Water Utilities Regulatory Commission.  In addition, ECO Consult will work with the water sector staff to design financial tools to determine the price of bulk water sales at the transfer points between the national water supplier and the water utilities.