Improving Water and Sanitation Services (IWSMR) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

United States Agency for International Development
2013 - 2015

Building on previous efforts to develop water and wastewater operator training and certification programs in Jordan and Egypt, the USAID Office of Middle East Programs (OMEP) is funding this two years program for Improving Water and Sanitation Services in the MENA Region (IWSMR) project. ECO Consult is the main subcontractor on the program and is providing long-term staff and short term experts throughout the lifetime of program. The overall objectives of the program are to:

1- Build the capacity of the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) to enable it to achieve its mandate to promote certification and accreditation, capacity development, and information exchange among water and wastewater utilities and professionals during and beyond project completion. 

2- Evaluate the feasibility of and developing and implementing a mechanism to most effectively scale existing water and wastewater operator certification programs in Jordan and/or Egypt to regional application by creating and supporting the implementation of a Regional Operator Certification and Training Program (ROCTP) in ACWUA. 

3- Leverage regional USAID funded improvements in water and sanitation utility management and operation by exploring knowledge exchange and twinning opportunities to encourage information exchange and disseminate best practices in the water and sanitation industry. 

ECO Consult took a leading role in carrying out a comprehensive assessment of ACWUA capacity to carry out ROCTP, and developed a capacity development plan that enables ACWUA to identify and market its ROCTP program regionally. ECO Consult took a leading role also in developing a plan for carrying out certification and training pilots across the region on water and wastewater treatment, distribution, collection and utility management themes, as well as developing the business requirements specifications for a Certification Information System to be used by ACWUA as a tool to manage all training and certification related data and regional marketing.