Further Advancing the Blue Revolution Initiative (FABRI), Middle East and North Africa

Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI)
2011 - 2015

The three years United States Ageny for International Development (USAID) funded Further Advancing the Blue Revolution Initiative (FABRI) will address critical issues that are driving change in the Middle East and Africa, since water plays a key role in the political, economic and social lives of nations and people. FABRI will launch and establish a new regional water network called the Middle East and North Africa Network of Water Centers of Excellence (MENA NWC), strengthen Integrated Water Resources Management programming, improve the long-term viability of water and sanitation service providers, rationalize water allocations and use, encourage collaboration among riparians in transboundary river basins, and raise USAID’s staff skills and Agency visibility in water and sanitation. ECO Consult is subcontracted by DAI to support in the initiation and management of the Policy, Research, and Development Grants Fund and in supporting the forging of intellectual and financial partnerships among the water sector’s major players to create an integrated process that spans the identification and design of new approaches and technologies to their production and adoption. ECO Consult is also facilitating the organization of technical and public meetings and events in the Middle East.