Energy Sector Capacity Building (ESCB) Program

United States Agency for International Development
2013 - 2017

The Energy Sector Capacity Building (ESCB) is designed to provide a broad approach to Jordan’s energy sector that is adaptable to meet evolving needs, by focusing on developing an incentive mechanism for utilities to promote energy efficiency within their consumer platform and by addressing key institutional needs and weaknesses. ESCB is working with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), the Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC), National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), the distribution companies, the private sector and other key energy sector institutions to solicit input on defining needs and areas requiring support and strengthening. The program will develop a utilities’ incentive mechanism to promote energy efficiency; build the capacity of the Government of Jordan (GOJ) and other energy sector partners’ staff and institutions; regulate the energy services companies and providers and support the creation of energy services association(s); and respond to emergent opportunities in the energy sector. 

ECO Consult is also directly supporting the institutional development and capacity building component as well as the institutional assessment that has taken place for MEMR and ERC and a capacity building plan was submitted to USAID. ECO Consult is also developing an Inclusion Plan, including a Gender Action Plan, for the program that comprises an assessment of gender in the energy sector and provides recommendations for gender, disability and youth inclusion activities across the project tasks and activities. Moreover, in response to the low level of women's participation in the energy sector in Jordan, the
 ESCB project is
 program for women interested in working and advancing within the sector. The program will encourage young women to start their own energy-related businesses, raise awareness on the non-engineering related work in the sector and support women to make career choices that will support their upwards advancement within the sector.