Energy Efficiency in the Jordanian Water Sector-Engineering and Implementation Consultant (Phase 2)

Fichtner Water and Transportation Gmbh
2014 - 2015

Under the ‘Energy Efficiency in the Jordanian Water Sector-Engineering and Implementation Consultant (Phase 2)’, ECO Consult was commissioned by Fichtner to assist in the ‘Implementation of Investment Measures for improving the energy efficiency of Jordanian Water Supply Systems’. The focus of financing under this programme is directed towards electro-mechanical equipment and installations (mainly energy efficient pumps and motors), hydraulic and measuring devices, SCADA systems for remote control and any required supplementary physical network infrastructure. The main task of this consultancy is the detailed design, development of a tender and contract concept, support of the tendering process, supervision of the implementation and energy monitoring of energy efficiency improvement investment measures in compliance with and based on the principles of the outlined strategic concept of the Programme Phase 1.

ECO Consult’s scope of work under this assignment includes the following main tasks:

· Private Sector Participation (PSP): diagnosis of the status quo in terms of the current PSP market in Jordan, support decision process on final selection of PSP models, drafting of PSP contracts, prepare necessary tender documents for procurements of PSP services, assist in tendering of PSP services and evaluation of bids, draft required PSP contract agreements, and support in PSP contract negotiations and conclusion; and

· Preparation of Environmental Report according to the Jordanian legislation for protection of the environment in order to obtain environmental working permissions.