Consulting Services for the Support of Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) Utilities Management Technical Working Group and Utilities Reform Technical Working Group, Middle East

Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)
2011 - 2013

ECO consult was awarded the contract for consulting services for ACWUA Technical Working Groups covering the two themes: Utilities Management and Utilities Reform.  The objectives of the working groups are to come out with regional case studies and policies framework and best practices in each of the two areas by the end of the assignment.  The resulting documents will be disseminated in ACWUA's specialty conferences and in other international conferences. ECO Consult is supporting ACWUA in the formation of the technical working groups, developing terms of reference and work plans for the working groups, supporting their members in their fulfillment, overseeing the performance of the working group members in terms of conformance with the work plans. ECO Consult will also assist in organizing technical cooperation through ACWUA's virtual forum, and compiling and developing regional case studies and policy frameworks and best practices in the areas of Utilities Management and Utilities Reform ready for dissemination and publishing.