Advancing the Blue Revolution Initiative (ABRI), Middle East and Africa

Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI)
2007 - 2010

ABRI was three years United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID) funded program that addressed some of the most challenging water issues in the Middle East and Africa.  Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) - as prime contractor - subcontracted ECO Consult on the program to work on the following:

  • Water Users Associations (WUAs) as Drivers for Commercialization and Water Saving-The purpose of the activity was to test the premise that WUAs can become drivers for commercialization and water saving.  ECO Consult was commissioned to conduct an assessment study for WUAs in Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco.  Several workshops and consultations were held to provide support in three ways: helping draft legislation as a legal structure for WUAs, protecting their interests and enabling them to serve water users; providing recommendations to help WUAs play a more pivotal role in agricultural development; and broadening dialogue to include private sector processors/marketers in the discussions of the role and function of WUAs and extension services.
  • Supporting the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)-The purpose of this activity was to provide ACWUA with technical assistance in the preparation of a 5 year business plan; assisting the association in preparing proposals submitted to attract funding for ACWUA technical working groups; providing technical assistance, hands-on training, coaching and mentoring for secretariat staff, development of a concept paper for the association’s training program; and development of a communications strategy and plan for the associations.